Ardacam - Horeca

Tableware used in the Horeca industry for many years was mostly porcelain. As ArdaCam, we set our goal to be the leading company in terms of innovations that we can add to the sector and the world so we decided to bring glass products to the table. By pushing the limits of our creativity; we have created unique products with our moulds, Alabaster and colors that are trending on the table. Glass, is our business. Now glass is more elegant and more unique.

We can say the atmosphere of a fine dining experience is also an essential element of the experience. Generally the décor is often elegant and luxurious, with an emphasis on creating a sophisticated and intimate ambiance. The lighting, music, and table settings are all carefully selected to enhance the overall dining experience. Just then, fine dining was handled as a complete concept from us and we created a Horeca collection in this direction.

Every product is designed for fine dining use. We wanted to start the customer satisfaction with our products on the tables first. We think that quality and elegance should be considered as a complete concept and we want to turn the act of "eating" into a pleasurable experience thanks to the satisfaction that starts at the table.

With the launch of our own Horeca brand, we wish to create designs that support the pieces of art that chefs and the chefs at heart around the world create. We want to develop ourselves and our product line in accordance with the principles of sustainability. We are focused on having a sensitive approach to making an environmentally friendly production. We always believe in our innovative and creative sides in design.